February 2017: Storm Doris!

Walking my dogs early every morning remains one of the numerous pleasures of my life and enables me, as you know, to discover all manner of interesting and extraordinary sights in the neighbourhood, in the local park and on the beach.

This month, my visual scrapbook has been inundated with particularly unusual sights ranging from bulbs, shrubs and trees which believe that it is May or June through the dramatic cordoning off and police sentry duty of a postbox to the closure of the local petrol station.

Having been drenched to the skin several times in one morning (Thank you, Doris!), I was staggered to witness the roof of the local petrol station perched at an improbable angle.  More cordoning off resulted and – as the site is located opposite the desperately understaffed and infrequently “opened-for-active-business” police station – Doris’s thoughtfulness was not lost on us!

Miraculously, no-one was injured and all was back to normal within days.  Compared with the tragedies which unfolded elsewhere we were very blessed.

Interesting drama, yes.  Crisis and chaos, no.