Encounter With a Surveyor

Releasing equity form our partially refurbished property, to move onto phase II, necessitated the involvement of a surveyor.  The man duly arrived – early.  In many households this may have posed no issue.  However, I need time to compose myself with eccentricity-decreasing cautions relating to conventional mores of behaviour.  Denied my opportunity, Mr Collinson encountered me juggling eggs, surrounded by hens and their deposits.  ‘Twas a shaky start, one must confess, but all appeared to go well – until the valuation appeared by post.

Broadsided by the ridiculously low valuation figure, we challenged it in the assumption that a transposition error had occurred.  No, it hadn’t.  Comparing the most recent survey with the tome we are using as our schedule of works (from the same firm), we were alarmed to see that our home had shrunk!  Mr Collinson had missed an entire floor of the building and 75 sq metres of space.  Imagine our relief and gratitude that we hadn’t asked him to value a bungalow!  The message for today is, check your paperwork – particularly your surveys – very carefully.

I cannot end without mentioning the ongoing truly appalling behaviour at Liverpool Football club.  During the many years of supporting the club, I had no notion of how deeply and institutionally ingrained the racism was.  It is a national disgrace.  The greatest tragedy is to see the once respected Kenny Dalglish morphed into an apologist for racial hatred.  Shame on him – and all like him.


Do You Need a Mortgage or Remortgage?

Having taken the plunge to move to the country and renovate a Victorian villa, it came as no surprise that more funds were required for further phases of the adventure.  We are blessed with good jobs and all should have been routine – or so one might think!  Nine months later (one could have conceived, given birth and be contemplating the state of nappies by now), and our escapade is coming to a positive conclusion.  We are bruised, battered and exhausted with the prospect of building work yet to begin!

To prevent you suffering the same fate, contact a marvellous mortgage broker, from Worldwide Financial Planning, called Rebecca Bendle.  Her telephone number is: 01872 222422.  She is positive, reliable – and really knows her stuff.

Next week, prepare to hear of our nightmare with the valuer!

Take care and have a peaceful week.