Last evening I listened, with interest, to a retrospective on Bertram Russell.  Once again, I was struck by the obsession which hampers agnostics and atheists.  Why do they find it almost impossible to know that another chooses to believe in a deity, whilst they choose not to do the same, and merely accept the status quo?  Why cannot they co-exist quietly with believers and respect the difference, rather than seek to annihilate it?

As one who believes, I respect another who chooses to make the decision not to believe.  I have no ambition or passion to argue, bully or blackmail them into a state of change.  I have allergies which do not affect others; those do not prevent companionship.  Why should individuals be any less able to live alongside those whose beliefs in no way infringe on a peer, without allowing the peer the right, respect and freedom to think, accept and live by a different set of values?   That should be the goal.