Freedom, Fine Weather And Friendship

Finally, Winter has released its grip of our part of the North- West.  A week of glorious sunshine culminated, yesterday, in a particularly special and memorable day.

Exploration is always interesting and, often, exciting.  Spent in the company of a kindred spirit with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the area, exploration becomes a joyous, life-affirming and memory-creating experience.

My day began with tree and rose planting.  Three roses (two climbers and one shrub) and a hawthorn were added to our scheme, in the front garden, before 9.30am.  Wild flower seeds were added to the mix and our vision of the quintessential country garden continues to evolve from theory to reality.

At 9.30am, conveyed in a beautiful red Beetle by my friend, I began my voyage of discovery.  Villages and towns were revealed and sampled, shops, markets and views explored.  We meandered through Ormskirk, Parbold (complete with sherbet ice-creams eaten on the hill) and Skelmersdale, to name a few, wandered merrily through Cedar Farm before arriving at Bent’s garden Centre for a delightful tour complete with gorgeous lunch.

Returning home just before 6pm, laden with homemade cordial, the boxed remains of a sumptuous dessert and several uplifting/amusing plaques, I was fully sated.  Special aspects of the occasion are buried deep within, to be mulled over and considered at will.  A very precious day indeed.