July 2017: Forays Into the Unexpected!

A recent trip to Ireland to visit Beloved Christena Henrietta found us in a local park watching segments of the Bands Championships.  Who knew that such a thing even existed?!

Apparently, there are bands from all manner of places which boast Celtic heritage and the Championships are a serious and well-respected event beginning with local and regional competitions before progressing onto ever more serious and salubrious events.

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June 2017: A Trip Out With the Nursery!

This is not the most delightful photograph of the lake, I concur, but walking along with the dogs, I stumbled upon this scene and found it irresistibleJ!  There were in excess of twenty goslings being carefully supervised as they explored the car park and, then, entered the lake.

Our walk took us across the bridge and onto the beach, as usual…

There were several jelly fish which had been washed onto the beach.  Different types appear at differing times of year.  This one was approximately 80 centimetres in length.  Huge!

There is so much to cheer and delight us if we but take the time to look…

Peace and mindful time to you.

May 2017: The Eye of The Beholder

Contrasting the relaxed serenity of gentle ambling through open spaces in Wales with the usual bustling pre-school-run dash, wedged in between loads of washing, packing lunches and remembering homework, which characterises my morning outing with hounds, led me to the discovery of this owl in a local front garden.  It has been carved into the remains of a felled tree.  Unusual and interesting as well as beautiful.

Definitely worth storing in the ideas bank, methinks…

Take care