New Year’s Resolutions…and Dissolutions!

Vegetating corpulently on the sofa, in a gluttony induced semi-coma, is perhaps not the ideal setting for an objective perusal of the past year.  Neither is it the optimum situation for objective goal setting.  Still, here we are and “needs must”!

Was 2010 all that you had hoped?  Did it fulfil the promise or potential which you gleefully anticipated at the beginning of the year?  (My 2010 was a whirlwind of unexpected events.)  For good or ill, it’s over and New Year sends an opportunity for a deep breath and renewed determination.

So, here are some dissolutions and resolutions to ponder.

Dissolutions or Dissoluteness – You Pick!

1.  The Nationwide’s eejit decision to close its agencies – without adequate member consultation.  (Why exactly did we fight off the building society crunchers, a few years ago?)  Not in my name…

2.  RBS Business Division morphing into Santander.  Am I the only one who hears, “We are Borg… sorry, Santander”?!

3.  Wholesale rejection of the honourable age old tradition of local justice; the closure of magistrates’ courts up and down the land.

Resolutions – Optional and, at least, Not Destructive!

1.  Adopt a healthier lifestyle – if you choose!

2.  Clear under the bed and one other glory hole.

3.  Find that matching shoe.

4.  Sleep better; stress less.

5.  Book a day to worry about all those issues; form a plan, then move on.

6.  Choose to view life as an adventure – not as an obstacle course.

7.  You are the main character in your life story; live well.

8.  Give up one negative habit.

9.  Smile more.

10.  Enjoy a holiday – especially, if you stay at home.

A peaceful, progressive and productive New Year to you and yours