March 2015

Determination to build and re-build, regardless of personal circumstances, has inspired me to continue to be creative in every area of life.

My recent forays back into city life have resulted in wonderful encounters in London, Glasgow and Manchester.  Not least of my experiences has been the joy of meeting Lynsey Grace.

Listen: you cannot help but be moved.

Peace to you.

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February 2015 Part B

Continuing to explore the world via my camera lens, I have decided that this year’s blogs will be dedicated to sharing some of the images which I have the privilege of capturing.  My love affair with landscapes continues, particularly the landscape viewed from my favourite spots of various beaches!  I hope that you will gain as much peace, joy and solace from these glimpses of the wonders of my everyday as I do.


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Marvelling in Manchester

A few years away from London has not decreased its appeal in any way and I still pine for it, horribly.  Indeed, it is still not certain that I will win the war of homesickness and manage to stay put in the frozen North.  Odd that some folk, in common with some plants, simply do not transplant well, isn’t it?

In any case, melancholy for “my manor” has not prevented me from appreciating the delights of the scenery here.  Sunrise on the beach is wonder to behold (as you saw for yourself last month) and city life away from the capital has its own charms.

I have, as yet, to become thoroughly acquainted with Liverpool, but Manchester has revealed itself as a wonderful source of refuge for the pining urbanite.  It is large enough and bustling enough to be multicultural, diverse and interesting, whilst small enough to feel friendly, cosy and accessible using only Shanks’s pony.

It is worth a visit not only for the trams, culture, scenery and ever present football, but also for the joy of seeing the canals in action.  The Rochdale canal has been frozen for many days now and the canals as they sit in their ice prisons in Castlefield simply add to the beauty of the scenery.

There will never be anywhere in the world quite like London, but life outside the capital is not a complete desert!



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